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I am glad that you love me! My name is Subash Aryal. Webaryal is an author name I have chosen for blogging. I blog, tweet and curate about latest technology, business and social media trends in the web. In social media, you can find me with the same username – webaryal.

The Term Webaryal

In person, I (Subash Aryal) am a man of few words and shy until you initiate to talk. By profession, I am a web developer. I like the way I am and like my profession very much. Web is the only platform where we learn what we care about and share with those who care us. I was searching a way to share my knowledge and experience. I love writing and I was dreaming if I could be a blogger. To initiate my dream I abbreviated my surname ARYAL (A Reverie Yields A Longevity) and borrowed the word WEB from my profession. Thus, by combining I coined a new term ‘WEBARYAL’ and came up with a blog idea to share my daydreams (Reverie), experience and knowledge.

Author Webaryal

The author ‘webaryal’ is keen interested in Technology, Business and Social Media. He loves to explore current buzzwords in these areas. At first, in this blog most of the articles will be on Social Media and Technology. Later he will come up with some initiation and business (entrepreneurship and startups) articles. He is an IT graduate. He has couple of year of experience in web development. Some tips and tricks on web design, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will spice up this blog. He welcomes you in webaryal.com and wishes you longevity.

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Occupation – Web Development


Department – UI/UX Design

RoleCreative Designer



Country – Nepal (a mountainous landlocked country in southern Asia, in the Himalayas including Mount Everest.)

Region – Lumbini (birthplace of Gautam Buddha)

Birth Place – Gulmi (district famous for coffee)

Current Address – Kathmandu (Capital City of Nepal and also known for city of temples)