Business Trends in 2014 – Prediction

Business Trends in 2014

Whatever we do ultimately everything ends in business. The profit curve in 2014 for each business will be progressive. But this will only happen when each business follow the trending methodology and when they are ready to adapt new technology in their business process. My intuition speaks these four business activities will repeatedly make business news headlines and make business trends in 2014.

Bitcoin popularity will grow.

Bitcoin, a digital currency, will grow in 2014. The commercial use of bitcoin is too low but in 2014 the people will start to use it. Since, some vendor like wordpress, Reddit etc has already start using it.

Crowd will prefer cloud job to organizational job.

Most of the things that has to be centralized has been migrated to the cloud to make it accessible from anywhere on the go. Outsourcing the work through freelancing and bidding channel has grown since decades. When online employment agencies oDesk and elance merged into new online freelancer company, it seems the online employment is going to be increased. But what the people expect is the expert should be preferred to freelancers. The social big data (big data collected from social media)  will also create new job market in 2014. This kind of data will be used to analyse consumer behavior and behavioral marketing/advertising.

It will be safe to play in share market.

Since couple of years the bull market is growing continuously despite some cases. In 2014 it will continue to grow. Many investment honchos predicts it will be safe to invest in 2014.

Ideas and creativity will be well paid.

After the concept of Crowd and Cloud, finally the ideas and creativity are getting right investors since years. In 2014 the number of startups and funding agencies will increase.

Apart from these, many business activities will also be highlighted in 2014. If you think some other business trends are going to be much popular in 2014, please feel free to share in comments section below.

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