Startups – an introduction

Startups and Business Idea

Startups are new companies started on new ideas using latest technologies. These newly established companies are associated with high growth, high ROI and high risk. These kinds of companies are seeking either to disrupt on existing market or to create completely new market and then set new trend. Generally startups started by developer and designers […]

Whenever Wherever – surprise your loved ones

OnTreat - Whenever Wherever

We all have best friends. Good or bad situation, friends are the one who care us the most in every situation.  We say it a happy family when all members are together in one place. Relatives come together in every occasion we celebrate and share. When we miss our closed ones, sometimes we organize get-together […]

Business Trends in 2014 – Prediction

Business Trends in 2014

Whatever we do ultimately everything ends in business. The profit curve in 2014 for each business will be progressive. But this will only happen when each business follow the trending methodology and when they are ready to adapt new technology in their business process. My intuition speaks these four business activities will repeatedly make business […]