Content Curation – How it works

Content Curation How it works

Content Curation is an art of digging, monitoring, collecting and presenting available web content in specific topic of your interest. It helps you get the latest content from different sources, aggregate them into one place and share it. In simple word, content curation is the re-distribution (sharing) of the web content without changing the authorship […]

Why Hashtag Your Brand in 2014?

Hashtag in 2014

Hashtag is a powerful and pervasive tool for social conversation in social media. Since its first usage in twitter in 2007, it has created a colorful history and bright future in social media. Hashtag now is a powerful tool for social conversation, signaling brand’s identity, organizing social conversation and centralize brand’s social data. Almost all […]

Social Media Trends in 2014 – Prediction

Social Media Trends 2014

Everyday I wake up, I start with social media because it makes my day. Be I am in sad or happy, the time I enter social network it refreshes my mood and help me be active and keeps me engaged. A kind of, no empty mind no devils workshop. Social media has become a must […]