Content Curation – How it works

Content Curation How it works

Content Curation is an art of digging, monitoring, collecting and presenting available web content in specific topic of your interest. It helps you get the latest content from different sources, aggregate them into one place and share it. In simple word, content curation is the re-distribution (sharing) of the web content without changing the authorship of the content.

Since 2013, because of the impact of social media in content marketing, the content curation system became popular. It is one of the best platforms to share content to target audience. Be it for publicity or for content marketing, content curation helps make the task easier. Once you publish the content, social curators re-distribute the content using content curation platforms. This process of re-distribution of content using curation platform is content curation. This process is likely to produce better ROI of the content and SEO in some way.

Content Curation Process

For example, you regularly visit and read some web pages. Wouldn’t it be better if you get updates of all those web pages in single platform? If yes, content curation is the best way to get that content of your different interest in single place to read and share to your circle. Here are the steps for content curation.

  1. Define the subject of your interest.
  2. Define the sources from where you want to gather content.
  3. Select proper content curation platform.
  4. Generate the content from different sources.
  5. Monitor and arrange the best content.
  6. Read and share it to your social circle.

Once you aggregate and share the content using content curation platforms, you are now a social content curator.

For your information, some of the best content curation platforms are and

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Dig the content of your interest, curate and share it. Happy Content Curating.