Social Media Trends in 2014 – Prediction

Social Media Trends 2014

Everyday I wake up, I start with social media because it makes my day. Be I am in sad or happy, the time I enter social network it refreshes my mood and help me be active and keeps me engaged. A kind of, no empty mind no devils workshop. Social media has become a must do activity for everyone. Apart from socializing platform it has become business, education, marketing, learning platform too.

Because of these reasons social media is going to take next level leap in 2014. Here are four social media trends in 2014 that are likely to be highlighted.

Power of social hashtag will be seen.

In 2014 the real power of the hashtag will be seen. Almost all social media platform has implemented this feature. The major search keyword will be from hashed keywords. Brand will start to hashtag their brand as well in 2014.

Google+ will grow green.

The dominating search engine ‘Google’ will make improvement in Google+ and the content shared in Google+ will be given more precedence in search results. Other social media will not be ignored though, Google+ should be included for better content visibility in search engines.

Social Media to Social Service, an initiation.

All social media platform now same features except some uniqueness in each platform. Now these platform will start to create social awareness and do social service through some way and contribute in social well being.

Brand storytelling and chat/discussion communities will set trend.

In 2014, brand storytelling process will continue to expand. Also the social media chat/discussion communities will play vital role in what to trend or not to trend in the media. The voice of there groups will be strong in social media.

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