Startups – an introduction

Startups and Business Idea

Startups are new companies started on new ideas using latest technologies. These newly established companies are associated with high growth, high ROI and high risk. These kinds of companies are seeking either to disrupt on existing market or to create completely new market and then set new trend. Generally startups started by developer and designers who write code and design user interface (UI) to build up ideas with low bootstrapping cost and high risk. Although higher risk, investors are highly interested in business startups because of higher ROI with low bootstrapping cost.

People actualize their visualized ideas through startups. At first intensive research is carried out on available technologies and practicality of the idea is analyzed, and then business model is created. Using appropriate technology company then starts to work on idea based on prepared business model and grows quickly with limited labor and capital. Startup business is valued based on its idea and technology. For any startups to succeed, the idea and the business plan has to be strong and practical.

Since last decade, startups are growing like mushroom. Because of growing technology and interested investors, many large startups are likely to disrupt in the market until next decade. If you have any idea, why not work on it! Research, plan, prepare and work. Just start, everything comes your way. You might be the next trendsetter in new market.