Technology Trends in 2014 – Prediction

Technology Trends in 2014

I believe these two Ts (Technology and Time) never stop. With time technology is becoming more advanced and unpredictable. In 2014 technology will take greater leap than previous years. Here I have discussed four technologies that are likely to be trended in 2014.

Google Glass.

Google Glass has always been a trending technology news this year. It will continue to be trending in 2014. Its wide usage and improvement will make technology news headlines.

3D Printer.

3D printing concept has already been implemented. Its practicality and availability will be focused in 2014. This will make technology in next level of advancement.

Cloud and Virtualization.

Since the big data started to prevail in business, the concept of cloud and virtualization have been discussed and implemented. In 2014 almost all data will be migrated to the cloud. Rather than focusing in users system most of the services will be centralized in the cloud thereby making it accessible everywhere on the go.

Wireless, Touch and Gestures.

Wired technology will be completely be replaced with wireless. Touch devices will take the market. Mostly the devices will be developed using sophisticated sensors in such a way that almost all tasks will be done using gestures. Devices will be more smart, portable and flexible to use. Amateur or professional or hobbyist (like photographers, videographers, digital painters etc.) will be benefited from this technology.

I have touched these four points based on my online experience. There are always more trending and worth talking technologies that will come to light in 2014. Myself being a tech enthusiast, I feel free to discuss on these topics. Please feel free to suggest or discuss some new trends in 2014 in the comments section below.

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