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OnTreat - Whenever Wherever

We all have best friends. Good or bad situation, friends are the one who care us the most in every situation.  We say it a happy family when all members are together in one place. Relatives come together in every occasion we celebrate and share. When we miss our closed ones, sometimes we organize get-together and share our life happenings with them. No doubt, we are used to in these kinds of activities.  Now, how do you feel when you hear that one of your friend/relative want to give you a memorable food treat soon? At this moment, come on bet, you cannot define your happiness!  But the scenario didn’t happen with Krishna Sunuwar (the founder of ontreat.com).

The story behind

He got married with a girl he was in love with. Nepal has tradition of giving gifts to newly married couple. With the change in peoples’ habit, some gifted the couple life long memories like Canyoning, Zip-Flyer etc.  Some of his friends living abroad want to gift them a memorable dinner from abroad. But they could not find any medium to buy them a food treat. Then he came up with an idea and made a commitment to start a food buying service online. In 2013 he started ontreat.com and first solved his own problem. Himself being a first customer, he made his friend’s wish come true and added a memory in his life event.

It is said, people will forget when you say something. They will forget when you do something for them. But they will never forget how you made them feel. Of course, feelings are memories and moments you give them.

He blogs his own story in detail in a blog.

When and how Ontreat works?

When we are fun loving kind of person, we do not need any reason to party. It just happens. Apart from this, in Nepal, we have many festivals to celebrate. The reason can be any to buy a food treat to your loved ones. Ontreat has a simplified process. The system is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1.  Where is your friend/family living, whom you want to buy a treat?
  2. Find a restaurant near them.
  3. Buy their favorite food online and inform them.

Easy payment system

Ontreat has online payment system. It accepts Paypal, e-Sewa and NIBL e-banking.

Personal problem turned to a service idea

We may find solution while sipping a cup of coffee. Sometimes we may come up with an idea when we empty a bottle of beer. But when we become pragmatic in life, idea comes from our own problem and experience and we find a perfect solution. Ontreat is an example of optimistic and pragmatic person’s thought.

Ontreat is a good service for those who like to treat and who like being treated with food anytime. So the service has a motto: whenever wherever, to surprise friends and family members with memorable food treat.